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Be friends with usWelcome to our product introduction! As a copywriter for a retail display props manufacturer, I am delighted to present to you our Three layers of drinks temporary display stands, designed specifically for showcasing products in retail stores. Our tabletop display stand is a versatile and practical solution for displaying various products. It is constructed using high-quality corrugated board, ensuring durability and stability. With dimensions of 260*210*284.4mm, this compact display stand can fit seamlessly on any tabletop or counter, maximizing your available space. One of the key features of our display stand is its customizable surface. Utilizing advanced printing technology, you can personalize the stand with your desired graphics or posters, enhancing brand visibility and creating a visually appealing presentation for your products. Whether you want to showcase beverages, snacks, or any other merchandise, this display stand offers a stylish and eye-catching platform. The hollow base of our display stand is designed to securely hold and present your products. This innovative design ensures stability, preventing any accidental spills or damages. Despite its small size, the display stand is built to withstand daily use and maintain its excellent stability over time. Furthermore, our Three layers of drinks temporary display stand provides the advantages of OEM/ODM services and small-batch customization. We understand the unique needs of different retailers, and we offer the flexibility to tailor the display stands to your specific requirements. This allows you to create a cohesive brand experience and make your products stand out in the competitive retail environment. In addition to its functional benefits, our display stand also offers a cost advantage. We strive to provide high-quality products at competitive prices, enabling you to maximize your return on investment. With our Three layers of drinks temporary display stand, you can achieve effective product showcasing without breaking the bank. In conclusion, our Three layers of drinks temporary display stand is a compact, customizable, and cost-effective solution for retail stores. Its tabletop design, made of corrugated board, ensures stability and durability. With the ability to personalize the surface and securely hold your products, this display stand effectively attracts customers' attention while highlighting your merchandise in a stylish and impactful way. Experience the advantages of OEM/ODM and small-batch customization with our versatile and affordable display stand.  • Tailored according to your inspection requirements and specifications   • Donate over 12 years of customization experience   • Advanced manufacturing process   • 100% full inspection of defective products We provide customized services for different sizes, materials, colors, and packaging We can offer OEM services at discounted prices!1. As a manufacturer, we can provide you with products and services at a price advantage, enabling you to gain a greater competitive edge in the market. 2. We always adhere to the concept of high quality and efficiency to ensure that we provide you with excellent products and services and help you stand out in the industry. 3. With over 15 years of experience in product manufacturing and export, we have accumulated rich experience and professional skills to provide you with higher quality products and services.We design packaging and container placement to maximize cost savings on your shipping fees. At the same time, we use recyclable materials to reduce our impact on the environment.

Whether you already have product drawings or just an idea, we will use the best methods to help you realize and create a unique and distinctive product.

Within just 7 days after confirming the drawings, we can deliver carefully crafted samples to you for confirmation via videoOnce the product drawings and samples have been confirmed, we will produce them in the same batch to avoid issues such as color differences, providing you with high-quality and stable products.

We have rigorous control and quality inspection over the material selection and processing of our products.   

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